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foundations and concrete work

Who We Are

After 10 years experience in
the concrete industry,
uke Emmons established his own concrete construction company in 1986.

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What We Do

Duke Emmons Foundations accomplishes its daily tasks with three or four competent workers, all with knowledge
and direction.  

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How It's Done

We use a theodolite transit, Laser Level and metal tapes to layout, and take the time to be as accurate as possible.

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Why Us

Quality work is priority #1.

"Our name is on every job
we complete."

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On the job  -  What's new

What are the steps to completing a basic concrete foundation?

An excavation contractor will dig the hole and prepare the site for the foundation.

Your concrete contractor will layout the house or addition using a blue print supplied by the home owner/building contractor.  
The footings are formed, rebar installed and concrete is placed. The footings are the base of your foundation. Typically they are as thick as the walls that will be set on them and are double the width of the wall.  If you have an 8” thick wall your footing will be 8” thick/deep by 16” in width.  When set, the forms are stripped from the footings and the concrete contractor will re-layout the building on the footings using a chalk line and then set the forms for the foundation walls.  After setting these forms, the contractor will stage, straighten and shoot grade.  Openings for windows, doors and any other “bond-outs” are created.  Now it is time to place the concrete for new the foundation, level the top, and wet-stick the anchor bolts that the new structure will be attached to.  The last step after the concrete has hardened is to remove the forms and clean up the site.   After your new foundation has had ample time to cure the excavation contractor can backfill and building can begin!